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We are a company that creates and distribute affordable and high quality solutions
for a prevention and treatment of various diseases.

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Portfolio of our products consists of high quality, safe and affordable medications, which prevent or treat already existing deseases. Most of our products are subject to a medical prescription.

What do we do?

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Registration of medicines

Services for pharmaceutical companies

Registration of pharmaceutical products can be a lengthy and a difficult process. We offer fast, efficient and comprehensive services in the area of the medicine registration.

Our team of experts can readily assist in the whole process of registration, which requires the preparation of an application and documentation to centralized, decentralized (including MRP) and the national registration procedures according to the standards of the Yemen. We can provide you with a professional translations and harmonization of the SPC, the formatting of the documentation in CTD, eCTD conversion and a validation before the registration. We will also represent you in the institutions of drug policy and drug agency.

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Market research

Find out what your patients need

Success often depends on understanding what patients really need. The obtained information can be crucial for the future development of the product on the market. Fajar Alamal is fully aware of these factors therefore is active in a market research and marketing consultancy in Slovakia.

We can provide qualitative and quantitative research on our own or using an independent third party, and we guarantee an objective result, increasing the chances of success of your product. We can analyze a market segmentation, target your marketing campaigns, optimize human resources, create or strengthen your market position and advise you on the correct allocation of your financial resources. We believe that together we will find appropriate and effective sales and marketing solutions.

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Marketing and promotional activity

Commercial and Marketing Communication

Our clients can receive comprehensive support in marketing communications, which includes everything from analysis of clinical data, creating a communication strategy, marketing mix, optimal "FFD" proposal of "product positioning" to "detail aids" and training of representatives. In all activities we strive to current legislative and ethical rules. When developing a marketing strategy, we continually try to find innovative ways that would be acceptable by all interested parties.

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Monitoring and preparation of a price proposal

We help our clients in the categorization of new drugs, in elaboration of an application for an inclusion of medicinal products in the health insurance system, preparation of the necessary documentation and in designing a communication strategy, indication and a form of the drug.

Fajar Alamal offers a monitoring of a current legislation and current products in the area of your interest, finding and calculating the reference price in the Yemen, and on this basis, preparation of a suitable price proposal. We regularly monitor price changes to remain competetive. Therefore we are able to respond flexibly to changes in market prices.

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Medicines distribution

Sale of medical products in Yemen

We are a certified company in the field of distribution of pharmaceutical products in selected Yemen. We distribute medicines not only to other supplier but also directly to the pharmacies and healthcare companies and facilities. During all distribution activities the most important part for us is the end user - the patient to whom the medicine has to help. This is the reason why our new business opportunities and the scope of our interest is constantly expanding to other countries. Fajar Alamal also offers warehousing and logistics services.


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